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What is the difference between WPC lines and PVC lines?


Latest company news about What is the difference between WPC lines and PVC lines?


1. Wooden plastic lines mainly consist of plastic raw materials such as PE, PP, PVC, etc., with appropriate proportions of wood powder (also bamboo powder, straw powder, bran powder) and calcium powder added, as well as special additives. After mixing, granulation, extrusion molding, polishing, or embossing and laminating, they are made into environmentally friendly and waterproof imitation wood materials.


2. PVC lines basically do not add wood fiber fillers, and after forming, the surface wood grain effect is achieved through processes such as wire drawing and embossing. The fatal defect of PVC substrate is that it is prone to degradation and embrittlement under ultraviolet radiation (not suitable for outdoor use), and it is not fireproof (not suitable for indoor use). To solve these problems, complex material modifications are required, and the cost will also significantly increase.


3. The PVC part uses recycled materials, mainly for non foaming products. If foaming products are to be produced, the vast majority of them need to use new materials. PVC materials have poor flowability, limited filler addition, and high material costs. For example, the current market for "ecological wood" is more commonly used indoors.


4. The vast majority of PE and PP based plastics use recycled materials due to their good flowability, high filler content, inability to foam, low cost, and poor dimensional stability during cold and hot cycles. Special flame retardants need to be added to meet fire protection requirements, and are currently mainly used outdoors.

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