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What is PVC decorative line? What are the advantages?


Latest company news about What is PVC decorative line? What are the advantages?


The chemical name of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated as PVC in English. The materials made from PVC have non flammability, high strength, resistance to weather changes, and excellent geometric stability. They have strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents, and strong acids. It can be said that PVC was once the world's largest production of general-purpose plastics and has been widely used.


So what are decorative lines? Decorative lines are lines that protrude or are embedded on walls, which can play a role in decorating and beautifying spaces. Currently, decorative lines generally include wood lines, PU lines, gypsum lines, polymer decorative lines, artificial marble lines, PVC decorative lines, etc.

PVC decorative lines are decorative lines made of PVC as the raw material. PVC decorative lines have the characteristics of lightweight, heat insulation, insulation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and easy construction. There are various specifications, colors, and patterns, which are highly decorative and can be applied to the decoration of walls and ceilings. It is one of the most widely used decorative materials among plastic materials. In addition, the Flexural strength and impact toughness of PVC decorative lines are strong, and the elongation at fracture is high. It can not only divide boundaries, seal edges, but also serve as a connection and fixation.

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