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What are the characteristics of WPC lines?


Latest company news about What are the characteristics of WPC lines?

Many homeowners prefer to choose American, European and other styles to decorate their homes, and among these styles, the obvious feature is the use of many decorative lines. Previously, the commonly used decorative lines were solid wood and gypsum lines, but now there is a new type of environmentally friendly line - WPC line, which is healthier and more durable, and gradually replacing traditional decorative lines.



1. The main feature of WPC lines is that they are very environmentally friendly, as they use two processes: heat transfer printing and heat preservation paint for surface treatment, which makes them free from harmful substances.

2. Secondly, it is very sturdy, made of wood plastic material that is not easily deformed, and it is also insect resistant, with a very good effect on blocking combustion.

3. Very personalized and fashionable, using personalized and fashionable design to meet the overall decoration requirements.

4. Strong corrosion resistance. When wood powder is coated with polymer materials, this material has excellent acidity and alkalinity, and thus has excellent corrosion resistance.

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