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How should I choose between PVC decorative lines and wood plastic or gypsum lines?


Latest company news about How should I choose between PVC decorative lines and wood plastic or gypsum lines?


Decorative lines are a type of decorative material widely used in home decoration, which is used at the junction of different surface layers during the decoration process. Although it may seem like an inconspicuous material, it plays a very important role in home decoration. Especially PVC decorative lines, due to their advantages such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, and strong corrosion resistance, have become the preferred decorative line for many decorators and homeowners. How does PVC decorative lines compare to wood plastic and gypsum lines? What's the difference?


Firstly, there are differences in raw materials. PVC decorative lines basically do not add wood fiber fillers, and after forming, the surface wood grain effect is achieved through processes such as wire drawing and embossing; Wood plastic lines mainly consist of plastic raw materials such as PE, PP, PVC, etc., with appropriate proportions of wood powder (also bamboo powder, straw powder, bran powder) and calcium powder added, as well as special additives. After mixing, granulation, extrusion molding, polishing, or embossing and laminating, they are made into environmentally friendly and waterproof imitation wood materials. The gypsum line material is gypsum powder, which is mixed with a certain proportion of water and poured into the mold and added with fibers to increase durability. It can carry various stripes and can be bonded with various coatings and decorative materials.


Secondly, the PVC decoration lines have a beautiful and easy to process shape, with low cost. They are digitally controlled and actively cut, and the styles can be designed according to needs. Not only is the processing simple, but the appearance can be customized according to one's favorite colors. When installing, they can be sawn, nailed, and glued, making them beautiful and elegant. The vast majority of PE and PP based plastics in wood-plastic lines use recycled materials because of their good flowability and high addition of fillers, which cannot foam. The gypsum line molding process is relatively messy, and it is afraid of water and moisture, making it easy to crack. In rainy and humid climates, there may be problems such as mold and deformation, as well as the occurrence of fine fibers and dust, which can damage the respiratory system and affect the health of residents.

Although PVC decoration lines have outstanding advantages compared to wood plastic and gypsum lines, PVC materials have poor flowability, limited filler addition, high material costs, and are prone to degradation and embrittlement under ultraviolet radiation, making them unsuitable for outdoor use. So, using PVC decorative lines for indoor home decoration is still a good choice!

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